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   There are no words to speak about beauty and opulence of Ohrid.

Spread by the shores of the wonderful lake, at the foothills of the Natural Park Galicica, Ohrid is a town where every step leads you to evidences of rich Macedonian history. Inhabited even in very early times, the town that once had 365 churches - one for each day in the year - preserved a large number of them to this very day. Within them, they shelter an immeasurable treasure of frescoes, icons, woodcarving and untouchable, but clearly present vibrations of the essence of the Macedonian people. Every summer, Ohrid is the home of the internationally renowned Ohrid Summer festival and of many other important cultural events.

You need to experience Ohrid, to see its colors, to feel its scent and taste. To dive into the Lake Ohrid, but also in the depths of the spirit of the Macedonians that for centuries created culture and preserved their identity besides all historic turbulences. About this speak the many ateliers in town, as well as the love with which the Ohrid people maintain their houses of monumental architecture.

Ohrid is one of the cities that UNESCO has recognized as infinite treasure for the humanity.

Ohrid is the soul of Macedonia. If you travel come visit us and you will have unforgettable holidays.

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